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React Native Or Native: What Is The Right For The Mobile App Development In 2022

React Native or Native
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As mobile applications have an increased in popularity every single day, launching an app in a highly competitive market is the most difficult task. Traditionally, mobile applications were written in native languages, and later the cross-platform gained immense popularity and were more successful for businesses.

React Native has been at the forefront of mobile app development and allows developers to create mobile applications using a single codebase for both Android and iOS platforms. But what platform a developer should choose for app development? Both React and React Native have their pros and cons, and the battle of choosing one is always there.

If you are a business owner looking forward to mobile app development, here is an article for you. The blog covers all the details about the usage of the right platform for app development as per your business need.


What is native app development?
If you are looking forward to developing a mobile application specifically for the App or Android Play Store, you should rely on native app development. Native applications run on a specific platform which means for Android you will have to develop a different app for the iOS platform you need to develop different ones.
Native apps are costly as compared to React Native, but offer higher performance and an exceptional user experience. When there is a better user experience, it leads to more customers and a smooth overall experience. Also, in the native platform, the developers have the access to new features and other capabilities.


Why is React Native trending now?

React Native is a JavaScript library that allows developers to build highly native-like mobile applications for Android and iOS with a single codebase. React Native has released as an open-source project by Facebook and became one of the most popular and robust platforms for app development.

The success of these apps is based on several factors that include:

  • It allows the developers to use a single code for both the Android and iOS platforms which saves time, money, and resources.
  • React Native is an exceptional platform that was developed on top of React, the most popular JavaScript library.


Benefits of Using React Native Platform

1. It offers platform-specific code

It is one of the best and most attractive features that can generate platform-specific code. It saves time and cost for the developers and a single code can be used to build mobile applications, with faster development.


2. Effective for Front-end Development

The code is written in JavaScript, and React Native simplifies the process of app development. Front-end development must be familiar with the ReactJS and APIs, UI elements, and a lot more.


3. Must Use UI Libraries

React Native has the UI libraries that allow the developers to create a unified user interface. These intuitive UI libraries save the time of developers and help create something otherwise developers would have to begin from scratch.


4. Instant Development Time

With the hot reloading feature, it becomes easy for the developers to automatically reload the mobile application and speed up the process of app development.


When should you choose React Native for App Development?

  • During the development of a simple mobile application
  • When the budget is low for the mobile app development
  • When you have to develop an app for social media platforms
  • Choose React Native for eCommerce applications for your business.


When should you choose to React for App Development?

  • When you want to develop a complex application
  • When you want regular updates
  • When you want to offer a robust and seamless user experience
  • Higher budget


Final Thoughts!

Well, the choosing of React Native or React platform for the mobile app development is the choice of the businesses. If you are looking to develop an application for a single platform and leverage a superior performance, you can choose React. However, if you are looking forward to developing an app for both cost-effective platforms, React Native is the right choice for you!

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